Conference Topics


This conference aims to bring together the educational scientists, administers, councilors, education experts, teachers, graduate students and civil society organization and representatives to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge in the scientific environment.

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to; the following major topics as they relate to the Teacher Education for Sustainable Development:

Preliminary Sections of the Conference

We suggest the following sections for the 16th international JTEFS/BBCC conference in Antalya, TURKEY in 2018.

* Teacher Training for Sustainable Education
* Sustainable early childhood education and preschool education
* Sustainable Primary School Education
* Sustainable Secondary School Education
* Sustainable Vocational Education
* Sustainable College and Higher Education
* Sustainable Science/ Social Sciences Teaching
* Sustainable Language Learning and Teaching
* Sustainability in Children Education and Development
* Sustainability in Special Education
* Multi-cultural Education for Sustainability
* Environmental Education for Sustainability
* Towards systemic and integrative research methodology in ESD studies
* Pedagogy of sustainable future: museums, forests and culture
* Environments as platforms for 21st century learning
* Sustainable education issues in science education
* Sustainable ICT in education
* Adult education for sustainable development
* Tourism research - connections on well-being, education and sustainability
* Teacher education for inclusion
* Social pedagogy as a dimension of sustainable life
* Sustainability in community practices
* Curriculum and Instruction for Sustainable Education
* Learning and Teaching for Sustainable Education     
* Sustainability in Democracy and Human Rights Education
* Innovation and Changing in Education for Sustainability
* New Learning Environments for Sustainability
Mode of participation:

Following modes of participation are suggested for the Conference participants:

Presentations at the plenary session are given by Keynote speakers, who will be invited by the Scientific Committee of the Conference and who are recognized specialists in the area.
Paper presentations 
will be allocated 20 minutes and grouped into paper sessions. Dissemination of handouts will be highly appreciated. Each paper session will have a chair person.
Workshops can provide training in the area of research, methods, interventional programmes, etc. The length of the workshops will range between 90 and 120 minutes depending upon their scale and scope.
Posters are presentations of scientific work in a graphical form. Maximum size will be 80 cm width by 175 cm height. At the time of poster presentation, at least one of the authors must be present.
Organizers will provide all necessary equipment for your presentations, such as a video projector, laptop, microphones, markers… Presenters might decide on their own to distribute handouts or copies of their paper to the audience.
Due to time constrains presenters will not be permitted to exceed allotted time for their presentation and for the question and answer session.
Please bring your presentation on thumb drive and arrange with the Chair Person and the technician to make it ready before beginning of your presentation in order not to delay the timeframe of the conference
*The language of the conference will be English and Turkish.