Charlotte Holland

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charlotte Holland

Dublin City University, IRELAND

Research Areas: Education for Sustainability, Technology-enabled Learning, Teacher Professional Development and Creative Instructional Design School in the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies

Gölge Seferoğlu

Prof. Dr. Gölge Seferoğlu

Middle East Technical University  TURKEY

Research Areas: Using Technology in Language Teaching and Learning; Instructed Second Language Acquisition; Classroom Research; Teaching and Learning Pronunciation; Mobile Assisted Language Learning; Language Teacher Education.

 Prof. Dr. Ilga Salite

UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair in Daugavpils University, LATVIA

Research Areas: Teacher Training, E-LearningSustainable Development, Higher Education, Teacher Education, Teaching Methods, Educational Technology, Education Research, Learning Environments, Action Research, Sustainable Development Education

Prof. Dr. Charles  Hopkins 

York University  CANADA

Research Areas: Reorienting teacher education to address the environmental, social and economic issues inherent in sustainable development,curricula for the 21st century, transforming education, public awareness and training to address sustainable development

Prof. Dr. Marika Veisson

Tallin University ESTONIA

Research Areas: Teacher Education for Sustainable Development, Values Education, Professional Development, Early Childhood Education Research

Prof. Dr. Andreas Brunold

University of Augsburg, GERMANY

Research Areas : Civic Education and Civic Education Didactics, Education and Politics